Kiera was born during a July heatwave as the third and final child to her academia parents. Growing up in the rolling hills of Long Island she had many opportunities to explore her creative desires through a variety of outlets. In her youth she would force her family to pay 25 cents to watch her dance and sing the soundtrack of The Lion King in her living room. She made her stage debut in the 4th grade production of Recycling Rules as the lead 'Student with Soda Can.' Kiera became a wild sensation after her tap routine to Frank Sinatra's New York, New York in her 5th grade talent show despite having no formal training whatsoever.

Junior High musicals progressed to High School black box theater performances and Community Theater productions.  When the time came to decide on higher education, Kiera said, "I only want to be an artist, that other stuff is for the birds!"

Kiera graced New York University's TISCH with her acceptance and completed her BFA in four years with a GPA of 3.6.  In her time there she studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute and the Stonestreet Film and Television Studio, as well as completing a study abroad program in London. Kiera felt her time at NYU was fulfilling to her creative spirit as well as her debt.

Kiera is known to her family and friends as a hearty laugh and a really good hugger. She knows that success does not come easily and is willing to work effortlessly towards it because the idea of a desk job is gross. She continues to hone her craft by regularly taking classes and doing character work in the shower. You should probably consider her for your next production because not only will she show up on time, ready to work, but also you may be lucky enough to see that 5th grade tap routine.