Kiera Capitanio

                           Hair: Auburn                            Height: 5'5''
                            Eyes: Blue                              Weight: 135
                           Voice: Mezzo                           Non-Union

AGNES OF GOD                       Agnes                   Lee Strasberg Theatre
THE MAN... DINNER              Maggie Cutler        Marilyn Monroe Theatre
GUYS AND DOLLS                 Sarah Brown          Take One Theatre Arts
YOU CAN’T… WITH YOU           Essie                    Art in the Park Festival
TWELVE ANGRY WOMEN      Juror no. 8             NHS Alumni Association

DIABOLICAL 102                      Supporting                 Discovery ID   HOMICIDE...HOLIDAYS            Under5                       Oxygen
QUANTICO                             Featured Extra             ABC
THE IVANA PHISH STORY       Ivana Phish                 Mundy Productions
AD-RIDE© Green Campaign     Featured                    NY1, basic cable

AIRBnB                                   Nighttime Mom            Scary Mommy Prod.
KING OF FITNESS                      Maddy/AP                Bouncing Ball Films
PSEUDO SHOW                        Milly Beaver              Screeching Weasel Prod.

Lee Strasberg Institute, Stone Street Film and TV Institute
BFA from TISCH New York University May 2007

Acting- Ted Zurkowsky, Geoffrey Horne
Voice/Speech- Erick Buckley, John Van Wyden
Movement/Dance- Jeffery Ferguson, Michael Ryan

Special Skills
Soccer; Softball; Cooking; Bartending; Western Horseback Riding; Ability to read music; NYS driver’s license; Beginners Guitar